Walk the Talk - Implement a Killer Lead Generation Strategy in 2019

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By: Lean Fernandez

The year is 2019 and the digital world is over-saturated with content from businesses who want to sell to their target audience - but no one is buying.

“Why?” you, a seasoned marketer ask yourself while looking at your non-performing conversion rates. “I have the best content! I have solutions! People need to see what I have to offer!”

And then it hits you: you’ve been using the exact same worn-out lead generation strategy in your marketing plan. I mean… are you even in this space at all?

Your lead generation strategy is probably an exhaustive one, used over and over again by marketers. Leave those old-fashioned techniques behind and spruce up your campaigns with the following steps:


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Stay Relevant


It’s no secret that consumers are constantly changing their purchasing behavior, and what may have piqued their interest in 2015 may not so much be the same as what they feel is worthy of their time (and money) in 2019.

Update your lead generation strategy so that you stay relevant and get those eyeballs looking at your brand or business.

Pro-tip: listen in on social conversations. Lead the way by crafting hashtags that are unique to your brand and monitor them closely. Set up avenues for conversation: post a poll, ask a question, offer a review, or share an experience.

Be present and engaging. Create posts that spark conversations, not just one-way, self-promotional ones. When you’re in constant communication with your audience, leads and referrals will start pouring in.


Get to Know Your Audience


It’s been said before, and you know it - but more often than not, businesses fail to prepare themselves at this core step in the lead generation process.

The goal is not only to get more leads but to get high-quality leads - ones that actually convert! What use is a meticulously planned set of actions when you’ve already messed it up from the start?

Narrow down your audience and identify your target audience. Other than asking yourself what problem you want to solve, ask yourself what type of people you want to solve problems for.

Are you going for the middle-class housewife, the high-earning executive, or the side-hustling college student?

Give your avatar a face, a name, a job, a hobby… whatever details you need to ensure you know exactly who you’re talking to.

By doing so, you are able to optimize the elements of your lead generation strategy to attract those that are genuinely interested and can benefit from what you have to offer.




 Done is better than perfect. What use is a bomb lead generation strategy if you don’t execute it?

Get started by building out a landing page with compelling copy that speaks to your audience. When writing copy, always remember to put to spotlight on them.

Don’t talk about how great your product or service is; talk about their pain points and how you can make their lives better and why they should contact you now.

Focusing on the value they will get plus creating that sense of urgency will definitely get you those email opt-ins and inquiries.




 To sum it all up, there’s definitely no hard-and-fast rule in lead generation. People’s thought processes change, and one thing’s for sure, you’ve got to keep up.

Take the old lead generation strategies and integrate new techniques, new tools, and new trends to create a killer campaign. Best of luck!


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