The Key to Hire the Right Talent for Your Company

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By: Dania Alvarado

I know hiring the right people for your team could be a headache especially as a CEO or CMO in the B2B industry, even more hard when you are trying to achieve the quarterly goals of your company.

To choose the most qualified talent think about it like building a strong foundation for your house, but I know, this is not too easy, there are many things you have to consider before taking a bad decision that can make cause you to lose money and effort.

In this article I tried to summarize what you need to know so let's talk about some aspects that you must think before hiring the right talent for your business.

First of all, you need to have a clear understanding of which is the job you are trying to fill in, how important is that job to improve your company? Will this activity help you to develop a better service or product? What detailed activities this position will complete? Think about it, if your answer is negative, hold on! maybe you don't need someone new, you just have to better manage your time to complete the things yourself or maybe you could distribute the activities to your current team if they are small and not that complicated. So, it could be a good idea to apply the same method of  create a buyer persona to attract your ideal candidate.


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Now, think if these activities are temporary or if it's something that you need constantly in your company, if it’s something temporary maybe you need a freelance or a consultant to do it, but if it’s an ongoing activity that it needs a major availability, it’s time to find the right person with the right skills. Are you ready?


How to hire the right people


Create a job description

Make a list of the activities your new hire will perform, the most you describe about the job and the most capable you’ll be to evaluate the prospect's requests and select the best person.

To define the necessary skills

This is very important, there are many talented people out there but not all of them will have the skills you need for that specific job. So, make a list of the exact skills that are required to do the tasks this position will handle so it can help you reduce the number of candidates you need to interview.

Publish your job offer in the correct place or network

Is not the same as finding people on a College board than finding people in LinkedIn for example, these are different platforms with different audiences, so you must publish your job offer on the most effective social media network or at least the and where you know that you’ll find the people with the profile you describe.

To learn more check the Job Seekers: Social Media is Even More Important Than You Thought in this awesome article by and The Muse.




What about the interview?

Well, probably you’ll receive many resume but try to analyse each profile and schedule an interview with the 3 people who you think they have the required abilities to complete the tasks

  • During the interview, ask questions about their experience, skills and goals.
  •  You can ask what is their opinion about the company and why they want to work with you.
  •  You can also test a person to evaluate his behaviors, how can you do this? well, make them complete an activity or a task that shows you how they think and how they work in different situations. You can prepare a specific test before the interview to identify the skills you need.

Definitely, hiring new people will make your company grow if you choose the right person, don’t be afraid, trust on your instinct and hire the talent your business deserves.


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