How to Nurture your Business Relationships with CRM Software

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By: Lean Fernandez

Don’t have a CRM for your business yet?

You might want to sit down for this.

First of all, let’s define what CRM is. “Is that some sort of techy thing that I can’t wrap my head around?” you might ask.

Well, not really. CRM is essentially a system for managing relationships with your customers. Think of it as a central hub where all details about your customers are stored.

In businesses, information comes in from different places and is most likely stored in a very scattered manner too. CRMs put an end to all this disorganization.

Having a CRM in place allows you to become that business that knows its stuff and have access to everything in an instant. Remember how we talked about being present for your customers and making them feel like they’re special to keep them from churning? CRMs help you achieve that “personal” touch by “remembering” everything a customer has ever done, said, requested from your business.


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What This Means for SaaS Providers

So you have great software that your customers enjoy a whole lot! You’re getting so much buzz and tons of positive reviews, so people flock to you.

In the beginning, for example, you wanted people to learn about you so you gave discounts. In time, potential customers come to you saying that they’ve been referred by Customer X and that they would like to get the same deal or discount Customer X was given, if possible.

At this point in the conversation with Potential Customer, you would very much like to be the business that has an idea of exactly what he’s talking about.

You then go to your CRM, search for Customer X’s transaction history, and see whether the deal he got would be applicable to Potential Customer.

Another benefit to this would be to reward Customer X for his referral - remember, keep loyal patrons happy and satisfied!

Providing Top-Notch Support via CRM

Let’s face it: being a Saas company isn’t easy. All of your users are essentially beginners when they first use your product. There is bound to be a learning curve.

You are bound to answer technical questions or even walk your customers through the entire process of using your software.

Having a CRM in place helps you identify the most common problems customers run into when using your product. With this data handy, you will then be able to formulate ways to either a) solve the recurring problem or b) offer a ready solution in case customers encounter the same problem, without having to reach out to support. It saves both you and the customer a ton of time in communicating back and forth.

CRM and Business Growth

Everyone loves growth, specifically in business. I mean, what’s not to love? Better business, better sales, better profit. What comes with growth, however, is overwhelming. That’s a given - but it’s not something you cannot manage.

CRMs are great in helping you ensure you are on track and business communication is smooth. Take, for example, HubSpot’s CRM.

It allows you to organize your contacts, company, and sales opportunity information, as well as every single interaction you have with each of your customers.

Isn’t that just convenient?

Trust us, you really don’t want to be that business that just doesn’t care and doesn’t have its stuff together! Keep tabs on everything and everyone in the organization! Get a CRM today - it’s going to be worth it.

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